EE551 Signal Processing and Communication Theory

Fall 2006

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This fall graduate ECE course follows its prerequisite EE521, and uses the second half of the same text.  Topics include link analysis, channel coding including LDPC codes from instructor-supplied materials, synchronization, multiple access, spread spectrum and encryption.  Click here for a full course synopsis in PDF format.


Your text has a CD-ROM with the Student Version of SystemView inside the back cover.  Make sure that this CD-ROM is there when you buy your text, particularly if it is a used book.  If your CDROM is missing or damaged, contact me ASAP.


Session format, subject to evolution as the class proceeds, is three periods:

·           Instructor presents examples and homework from last time, and go through homework and examples; about an hour

·           Short break

·           Instructor presents material and assign readings and homework for next time; about an hour

·           Seminar session; course topics discussion, student presentation, term project milestone presentation, or other topics

·           When a quiz is given, it will follow the break instead of a lecture about new material

Course materials as they become available

*      SystemView Example (PDF, 164 kB) (PowerPoint, 299 kB) (SystemView system file, 24 kB)

*      Study plan:  Suggested homework problems and questions from the text

*      Session 1 – Communications Link Analysis (handout, examples)

*      Session 2 – Communications Link Analysis

*      Session 3 – Channel Coding; Term Project Assignment

*      Selected LDPC links and a short reference:

*      Robert J. McEliece,  a Caltech professor active in LDPC research; look at his January 7, 2005 presentation at the AMS for a simple introduction to LDPC

* a portal site by a student of Dr. McEliece’s

* a portal site for LPDC references

*      On the Design of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes within 0.0045 dB of the Shannon Limit, Sae-Young Chung, G. David Forney, Jr., Thomas J Richardson and Rudiger Urbanke, IEEE Communications Letters, V. 5 No. 2, February 2001, pp 58-60

*      Session 4 – Synchronization; First Examination

*      Session 5 – Multiplexing and Multiple Access

*      Session 6 – Spread-Spectrum Techniques

*      Week 7 – Spread-Spectrum Techniques

*      Week 8 – Encryption and Decryption

*      Week 9 – Encryption and Decryption; Second Examination

*      Week 10 – Fading Channels

*      Week 11 – Fading Channels

*      Week 12 – Communications Architectures, Review and Seminar

*      Week 13 – Thanksgiving Holiday

*      Week 14– Communications Architectures and Seminar

*      Week 15 – Study Day

*      Week 16  – Final Examination