EE 320 Telecommunications Engineering

Spring 2005

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This spring senior ECE course considers digital data communication with noise, modulation including digital phase coding, codes including linear, block, cyclic, convolutional, and decoding including TDMA, and spread spectrum and CDMA.  Click here for the complete course synopsis in PDF format.


The course also has a web site citing the course content and how it relates to ABET accreditation:


Course materials

*      Study Plan:  suggested examples and homework problems

*      Topic 1:  Propagation and Noise, Example

*      Topic 2:  Modulation, FDMA, and Bit Error Rate

*      Topic 3:  Coding

*      Topic 4:  Spread Spectrum and CDMA

*      Topic 5:  Wireless Architectures

*      Topic 6:  Review

Term Project

*      Assignment for Term Project to be executed in SystemView PDF


*      Fresnel integrals Mathcad file PDF

Curves for Spring 2005